New Generation Laser Powered Field Probes


A New Generation of Field Probes

The FL8000 series is an advanced line of laser-powered Electric Field Probes, and associated Kits designed specifically for EMC radiated immunity test applications. Each Field Probe is an electrically small, separable axis sensor capable of measuring both continuous wave and pulsed electric fields. There are a total of five Field Probes available, each with a unique bandwidth, sensitivity, and dynamic range.



FL8000 Series Field Probes & Kits


Model Frequency Field Strength Field Type ISO17025 Calibrated Sample rate (internal)
FL8200/kit 5 kHz – 200 MHz 0.3 – 500 V/m CW & Pulse Yes 2 Msps
FL8009/kit 20 MHz – 9.3 GHz 0.5-800 V/m CW & Pulse Yes 2 Msps
FL8018/kit 20 MHz – 18 GHz 2-1000 V/m CW & Pulse Yes 2 Msps
FL8040/kit 20 MHz – 40 GHz 2-1000 V/m CW & Pulse Yes 2 Msps
FL8060/kit 20 MHz – 60 GHz 2-1000 V/m CW & Pulse Yes 2 Msps


These new probes are offered individual with carrying case and ISO17025 accredited calibration certificate or as as a comprehensive kit. The kit versions adds a FI8000 Laser Probe Interface, 20 meters Fiber Optic Cables (other lengths are available), Fiber Optic Mating adapters and a mini Tripod. The FI8000 provides laser power over fiber and communication to the FL8000 series probes. Any disconnection of the fiber optic cable is automatically sensed by a low level control loop and the laser is switched of immediate in that case. In addition all fiber optic connection to and from probes used shuttered connectors as an additional safety measure.

The FI8000 can be used with the FM7004A Field Monitor (using the provided 0.5 meter fiber optic cable) or a PC by direct communication using the USB, GPIB, Ethernet or RS-232 interfaces.


Key Features

  • 5 kHz – 60 GHz frequency range
  • Capable of measuring both continuous wave & pulse electric fields
  • Use of laser to deliver power-over-fiber allows continuous operation without recharging or replacing batteries.
  • Correction factors from accredited ISO 17025 lab
  • Excellent Isotropicity
  • High accuracy
  • 2 Msps internal sample rate
  • Sense unexpected disconnect of laser driven fibers to ensure user-safe operation
  • Connect up to 4 probes simultaneously to optional FM7004A Field Monitor with MP series field monitor packages


More Information

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